Scope and topics



The main topic of 4th conference is the pharmaceutical aspect of weak molecular applications.

Weak molecular interactions (few tens of kJ/mol) are extremely important in nature and industry, but difficult for accurate evaluation by both theory and experiment. The presence of weak forces have significant consequences at a wide scale of chemistry and biochemistry, especially when the interacting species are surrounded by a complex environment and the intermolecular interactions could influence reversible, temperature-dependent behavior of chemical equilibrium. In particular, weak forces are responsible for structure, properties, and reactivity of molecular systems in case of liquids and solids, both in biological systems and material science. In contrast to isolated molecules in the gas phase, the presence of environment significantly influences the existing reaction equilibrium and affects the chemical processes. Thus, permittivity and structure of the bulk solution, the composition of the solvation shell of the interacting species depends to a large extent on the structure and stability of complexes formed, as well as on the kinetics of the molecular interactions.

The aim of this conference is to bring together experts from different fields, from academia to industry, and to discuss recent progress in the field of weak molecular interactions, as well as to stimulate future collaborative efforts in this area.


  • Weak interactions in biological systems
  • Host – guest interctions in sensor chemistry
  • Molecular self-organizations
  • Structure of solvents
  • Solvation processes and microsolvation
  • Weak interactions in colloidal systems
  • Surface processes: growth, doping and heterostructures




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